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Savory Crepes {Crepes Salate}

la siciliana


il classico

迷迭香熏火腿,撒上马苏里拉奶酪,生菜,再撒上大蒜 & olive oil aioli

la marina


i bambini

火鸡配上波萝伏洛干酪,橄榄油 & oregano

Sweet Crepes {Crepes Dolci}

il cannolo


tutti pazzi


tireme su

加了咖啡的马斯卡泊尼干酪撒上女士手指饼干 & cacao

Ragusa's Italian Cafe

Falling in Love…with crepes

每个人似乎都在问我们是怎么想到把我最喜欢的意大利美食带到堪萨斯城的. It was all about falling in love…

2017年,我第一次离开美国,去西西里岛看看我的家庭起源. Before I left, a good friend told me how much I would love Italy; that I would fall in love 1000 times; and if I didn’t get my heart broken at least twice, then I didn’t really live it! And he was 100% right! 我爱上了一切:食物, the culture, the coffee, 本来只是想去看我曾祖父母结婚的教堂,为期6天, 变成了前所未有的30天放纵自己的感官. One of my favorite cuisines, strangely, turned out to be a spicy salami crepe, 由一个叫佩佩的甜美风趣的西西里男人烹制而成. 佩佩会跟我开玩笑说:“我的可丽饼可以自己做。,” because they were served hand-held, 而不是盘子上松软的煎饼. I loved it! 在我的家乡没有这样的东西. Thus, an idea was born…

Can’t get to Italy anytime soon? No worries. 我们将为您带来意大利最好的糖果和美食! Crepes, cannoli, chocolate, coffee, cookies, and sodas, 由家庭食谱或直接从我们最喜欢的意大利供应商进口.

在社交网络上关注我们,追踪凯发网娱乐官网官方平台, or order your favorites online today, for delivery right to your doorstep.

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