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2 hot2handle烧烤 Food Truck

2 hot2handle烧烤 KC was established in 2011 by husband and wife team, David and Mary Stracke. What started out as a love of smoking quality meats for family and friends turned into a part-time catering company. Fast forward to 2019, David was asked by several people why we didn’t own and operate a food 凯发网娱乐官网官方平台. For those of who know David, this turned into a “Why don’t I have a food 凯发网娱乐官网官方平台?”的问题. By the end of Summer, we had built our first food 凯发网娱乐官网官方平台 from the ground up.

2021年3月, David retired from his job of 25 years from maintenance mechanical work, and Mary retired her long term job in Property Management to operate the food 凯发网娱乐官网官方平台 full time. We now offer food 凯发网娱乐官网官方平台 services for events, neighborhoods and catering. We are also looking into having a set location for 3 days a week so our valued customers can easily locate us and purchase our high-quality products.质量肉, 和国, covered with our secret recipe rubs then slow smoked over hardwoods to ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ perfection.


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